FineFish delivers a wide range of fish and seafood from Norway. We cooperate closely with breeders, fishermen, production facilities and niche suppliers to ensure stable access to raw materials throughout the season.

Product range


  • Whole fish, filet, portions and by-products
  • Fresh and frozen
  • Consumer packaging


  • Whole fish and filets
  • Fresh and frozen
  • Machine cut and hand cut filets


  • Raw material for lutefisk
  • Pet food
  • Consumer packaging


  • Barrels: Sugar-salted and fully salted
  • Frozen

Salted and dried-salted

  • Ling and tusk

Trout and Arctic Char

  • Whole fish and filets
  • Sustainably farmed in Norway


  • Lobster and crayfish
  • Facilities for storing

Expanding our product range

Cod on a plate

From whitefish to salmon

Building upon the expansive knowledge and expertise acquired in whitefish production, we are venturing into the work of delivering high quality salmon to the world. This will require new partnerships, a significant increase in the number of employees and new production facilities.


Located close to the raw materials

We are located on the Sunnmørs coast, close to the raw materials and fishing environments. From here we serve wholesalers, manufacturers and chains all over the world, mainly in Scandinavia, Western Europe and the USA. We also have our own sales offices in these regions.