Finefish bygg Sandsøya

About FineFish

At FineFish we are experts in bringing the exceptional Norwegian raw materials straight from the sea to the world market. Since the start in the early 90s, together with skilled farmers, fishermen, production facilities and niche suppliers, we have made the path from catch to market as short and efficient as possible.


A wide range of products

High product knowledge and established sales and distribution links make us a preferred partner for raw material suppliers along the entire Norwegian coast. This ensures us a wide product range and stable access to raw materials, all year round.

Føniks til kai på Sandsøya

Located close to the raw materials

We are located on the Sunnmørs coast, close to the raw materials and fishing environments. From here we serve wholesalers, manufacturers and chains all over the world, mainly in Scandinavia, Western Europe and the USA. We also have our own sales offices in these regions.

Finefish employee at work

One of Norway's best fresh fish packing plants

We run our own production facility on Sandsøya, and consider it amongst Norway's best fresh fish packing plants. The experience from operating this place has provided us with the knowledge of what is needed to operate and further develop a facility. Knowledge which we ‟bring to the table” in cooperation with other facilities and niche suppliers.

Finefish employee at work
Gjermund at Finefish

Skilled and solution-oriented people

The company currently consists of 35 employees, divided into sales, production and administration. Our culture is shaped around flexibility, the ability to execute and guts - delivered by people who are able to see both ahead and behind themselves in the food chain, and who go to work every day to ensure quality throughout.


Next step: High quality salmon to the world.

Building upon the expansive knowledge and expertise acquired in whitefish production, we are venturing into the work of delivering high quality salmon to the world. This is a venture that will require new partnerships, a significant increase in the number of employees and new production facilities.